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Steinbach Soling European Championship 2022 – 3 Races and a very special Evening + Video Day 2

On Tuesday the Second Day of the Steinbach – Soling European Championship, the first warning signal was planned and given at 13:00 hrs. Wind from NNE to NE with 6 to 10 knots made three races sailed in a row. After a race win of Christian Spießberger / Gerhard Schlipfinger / Max Reisinger from Austria the next to first places went to the Hungarian team Sandor Varjas / Lazlo Kovacsi / Gabor Meretei. This team is now also in the lead in the overall ranking after three races in front of Spießberger. In the third position there is the local team with Florian Felzmann / Michael Felzmann / Stephan Beurle.

Steinbach Soling European Champoinship 2022 – Day 2 from SportConsult / GertSchmidleitner on Vimeo.

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